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250-Watt Solar Panels: Are They Right For You

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The demand for renewable energy sources has significantly increased over the years as shown:

However, choosing the most suitable option according to your budget and energy requirements remains our main concern.

Do you think the 250-watt solar panel is the one for you? If yes, continue reading this blog to get the most appropriate idea about it.

The power rating referred to by the watt(W) symbol is significantly considered when comparing different solar panels. Solar panels typically range between 50 watts to 400 watts or even higher in the market.

How Much Energy Can 250-Watt Solar Panels Produce In A Day?

According to Standard Testing Conditions (STC),  the amount of electricity produced by the panel depends upon 2 ideal conditions:

  • A cell temperature of 25C°Standard Testing Conditions (STC)
  • Solar energy of 1 kilowatt per square meter radiating on the panel

Kilowatt-hours (KWh) is the unit used to measure solar panel energy production which concludes that 1 kWh of solar power per day will be produced by a 250-watt solar panel? However, variation may arise due to:

  •  Different hours of exposure to sunshine in your region
  • Panel’s power tolerance and angle of the panel towards the sun
  • All the factors affecting temperatures

How Many 250-Watt Solar Panels Do You Need?

The number of solar panels you’ll install is directly proportional to the amount of electricity you want to generate and the space available for solar panels. The average household consumes approximately 877 kWh per month according to the US Energy Information Administration.

System SizeMonthly Energy ProductionNumber of 250 W Panels
4 kW480-600 kWh16
6 kW720-900 kWh24
8 kW960-1,200 kWh32
10 kW1,200-1,500 kWh40
12 kW1,440-1,800 kWh48

Required number of 250W panels based on system size 

This table will help you determine the perfect choice of a solar panel for you depending on the space available on your roof.

What Can You Power With A 250-Watt Solar Panel?

1. Solar Air Conditioner

Do you want to avoid the scorching heat of the sun during summer?

Don’t worry! Your 250-watt solar panel is capable of generating electricity using solar energy. This is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of escaping the summer heat.

2. Solar Home Lighting System

It can cater to your small energy needs by harnessing energy from the sun. In return, solar energy generated by a home lighting system can be stored in the solar battery to be used as per requirements.

In general, it can power 15 pcs of 10 watts LED lights, 150 watts total for approximately 5 hours.

3. Home Appliances

An Offgrid Solar System which is an independent compromising of solar panels, solar battery, and solar inverter is the ideal choice to operate home appliances, such as a 50-watt TV, a 45-watt Laptop, Cellphones, tablets, drones, cameras, etc.

The Solar panel converts sunlight energy into electricity and stores excess energy in the solar battery to be used in the absence of sunlight; during evening and nighttime.

This is the most efficient way of using solar power at home while using less grid power.

Key Features to consider in a 250-watt Solar Panel:

  • It requires low maintenance so you won’t have to keep a check on it constantly.
  • It requires less space due to its compact shape.
  • It has long durability so it won’t need to be continuously replaced. Thus, investing in it would serve you right.
  • While you may be exasperated by the noise of the electricity generating system. Rest assured, as a 250-Watt solar panel operated silently.

Are 250-watt Solar Panels worth your investment?

Due to the increased demand and accessibility of solar energy over the years, the average cost of solar panels has significantly decreased. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, the price of a residential solar panel system has dropped by an annual average of $50,000 for a 6-kilowatt-hour (KWh) system in 2011 changing to an average ranging between $16,000 to $21,000 in 2021. 

Its cost depends on three factors:

  • The size of the Solar system
  • Type of solar panel
  • If you are using the utility grid

Average Solar Panel Costs:

Average Cost$7,745
High Cost$13,600
Low Cost$1,89

The average price of a solar panel in terms of electricity produced in watts and Kilowatts:

MeasurementAverage Price Range per Panel
150 watts$105 – $225
200 watts$140 – $300
250 watts$175 – $375
300 watts$210 – $450
350 watts$245 – $525
500 watts$350 – $750
1 kW watts$700 – $1,500

The 2021 report by Ecowatch gives you a better idea about the price of the average cost of solar per watt according to your state in the U.S.

Final Notes: 

Although an up-front investment in equipment is required in solar power panels, the recurring charges after the initial cost depend on the electricity you use beyond the power your panels generate. 

Thus, it contributes to long-term savings on electricity bills with a return on their investment over the years as the demand for solar power panels increases.

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